Get Closer to Nature With an Outdoor Home Addition

Home additions in your outdoor living space may add to your life a greater appreciation of nature. Plan what you would like to do to encourage use of your outdoor area, and then find the right people to guide you to success. Learn about the different sizes of projects, construction options, and the most important decision that you will make through the entire process.

Extent of Project

Your goal may be a simple improvement or a major change. Maybe for example, you just want to patch up a few rotting spots on your wood deck. Alternatively, you might decide to create an entirely new structure in your yard. Understandably, the cost of extensions can vary greatly depending on the scope of the project. Think about the type of materials you need, the amount material used, the cost in time and labor, and the price of accessories for the space. Of course, the most important part is to hire an expert contractor who will help you make your dream a reality.

Outdoor Options

Consider the following home additions that may get you outside more often. Think about how these ideas might reflect your personality and your desired home atmosphere. Choose from this list what fits you best or create your own perfect space.

  • Gazebo: Purchase this already made and ready to assemble, or work with your contractor to design an original piece for your yard.
  • Play House: For the family with children, consider this option to help kids explore and enjoy the great outdoors.
  • Porch or Deck: A porch or deck may be open, or it could be screened in to protect from bugs. Consider an outdoor kitchen or fire ring to fill out this space.
  • Sunroom: For the cool winter months with little sunshine, this room could be an oasis to fight away seasonal depression.

Most Important Decision

The most important decision is who your team will include. Be sure to hire an expert contractor, a professional designer, knowledgeable architects, and an experienced renovation crew. Home additions may be successful and stress-free with this team.