Ideas for Remodeling Your Small Kitchen


There’s never been a better time for some kitchen remodeling. You can transform your small kitchen into your dream one. All it takes is a few fun ideas and an expert to guide you. Here’s what you should keep in mind as you begin to plan your renovation.


  1. Keep It Light

The lighter your walls, the more space it looks like you have. Light colors like pale blue, yellow, and even white give you a feeling of openness in a room. It doesn’t just have to be on the walls, either; you can try lighter colors on your floors and countertops too.


  1. Add Bright Backsplashes

This is where you can really let your individual style shine in your kitchen remodeling. Try for a timeless subway tile with a color that matches your floor, or use different tile shapes with colors that depict a sunrise. If you can’t settle on one design, chat with your contractor about making removable backsplashes so you can switch them out when you’re so inclined.


  1. Make More Storage

Small kitchens come with a big problem: a lack of space. Your renovation can solve that problem for you. Add roll-out shelves to your cabinets to make different levels of storage. Consider extending cabinets all the way to your ceiling. The empty space on top may have a nice appearance, but taller cabinets are even more useful. That being said, a taller fridge is better, too. Get rid of the wide fridge, add a tall, slim one, and use the extra space to add another cabinet.


  1. Transform the Floor

Now is the time to try something new with your floor. Smaller kitchens call for larger tiles to increase the feeling of having a lot of space. The standard is 12” x 12”, but the bigger, the better.   


Whatever ideas you decide to implement, hiring a professional is highly recommended. You want the best for your kitchen remodeling, so let the experienced experts handle the heavy lifting.